Nominations open for the Chronosphere Observability Innovation Awards

Nominations for the Chronosphere Observability Innovation Awards 2023.
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Now is your chance to shine and get recognized with the first ever Chronosphere Observability Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards are presented to celebrate the inventive ways people are using observability to further customer and business success. We’re excited to share your success with the world.

Yvette Tardiff | Customer Advocacy Lead

All winners will receive an Innovation Award, a featured story about your work on, a digital badge, inclusion in the Innovation Awards announcement (press release, blog, and social media), 5 free tickets to Monitorama and a team celebration dinner with Chronosphere team.

Chronosphere Observability Innovation Awards are open for nominations through December 29, 2023, please feel free to nominate anyone making something ingenious with Chronosphere.

Award categories

The Chronosphere Observability Innovation Awards have up to six main categories that entrants can be nominated for. They include:

Cost savings

This is a company who has saved on technical expenses, realized incredible return on investment (ROI), or avoided costs with a strategy shift into observability.


This organization has a deep commitment to their customers’ uptime, creating an environment that experienced virtually no downtime, at scale.

Developer productivity

Spending less time in the weeds and more time innovating allow organizations to deliver more capabilities with less/flat headcount.

Customer experience

Customers are the heart of this organization, avoiding customer-facing issues, and scale reliably to meet customer demand.

Greater good

This organization has channeled the power of observability to make the world a better place and/or supporting humanitarian efforts.

Data migration

This organization has migrated to an open source observability architecture with Chronosphere.

Please be sure to read the terms and conditions.

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