Event Date September 28th 6:00PM CDT

Many things can go awry on the journey from pull request (PR) open to merge to production deployment. Issues can arise from the application code, layers of YAML configuration, underlying infrastructure or pipeline logic itself. How can distributed tracing and trace-derived metrics bring developers and operators together for troubleshooting paradise?

We’ll unpack a deploy gone bad from both vantage points, gaining an empathy for the engineer who needs to deploy their changes and an operations engineer who is responsible for keeping the CI/CD system up and running. With signals from OpenTelemetry we will demonstrate how increasing the observability of your deploy system can facilitate better collaboration and quicker troubleshooting.

Speaker: Paige Cruz, Senior Developer Advocate, Chronosphere

Paige Cruz is a Senior Developer Advocate at Chronosphere passionate about cultivating sustainable on-call practices and bringing folks their aha moment with observability. She started as a software engineer at New Relic before switching to Site Reliability Engineering holding the pager for InVision, Lightstep, and Weedmaps. Off-the-clock you can find her spinning yarn, swooning over alpacas, or watching trash TV on Bravo.