Monday, September 12 | 1:00 PM ET

Observability, Monitoring and Analytics

Observability aims to make it easier to identify IT issues before they cause a disruption by combining metrics, logs and traces from a wide range of DevOps tools and platforms. Historically, DevOps teams focused on continuous monitoring as the most effective way to proactively manage application environments, but it can still take days or weeks to discover the root cause of an issue. Observability platforms enable IT teams to identify anomalous behavior indicative of a potential IT issue that can be addressed before it becomes a major problem. 

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Our Speaker:

Ian Smith is Field CTO at Chronosphere where he works across sales, marketing, engineering and product to deliver better insights and outcomes to observability teams supporting high-scale cloud-native environments. Previously, he worked with observability teams across the software industry in pre-sales roles at New Relic, Wavefront, PagerDuty and Lightstep.