Webinar: Understanding the True Cost of Your Observability Solution

Tuesday, December 6th | 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PT

Understanding the True Cost of Your Observability Solution

Surprised to find out that the cost of your observability solution is higher than your production environment? When you first invested in observability software, the costs of your solution were likely inline with the value you were receiving. But rapid adoption and scaling of containers and microservices has thrown the cost-to-value equation out of balance. Data volume growth and administrative toil can make your observability more expensive to run than your apps!

Chronosphere is the only vendor addressing the unique requirements for observability in a cloud native world. Join this webinar to learn:

  • The hidden costs of current observability solutions and the cost differences between DIY open source and SaaS-based solutions
  • Some best practices for understanding your true observability cost and getting your cost-to-value ratio back in balance
  • How enterprises and cloud native organizations can not only lower costs but make cloud native observability a competitive differentiator

Presented By:

George Hamilton is the Director of Product Marketing at Chronosphere. George has over 25 years experience in the technology industry and has held many product marketing roles at leading tech companies such as CloudHealth by VMware, XebiaLabs/Digital.ai, and Dell EMC. George was also an industry analyst covering IT systems management and application performance monitoring.

Julia Blase joined Chronosphere in May of 2022. She is the Product Manager for Chronosphere’s Control Plane feature set and works to understand how customers are using their observability data and what tools they need to have in their observability solution, to help them better distinguish signal from noise.

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