Cloud-Native Monitoring for Cloud-Native Apps

The right tool for the right job.

Purpose built for cloud-native’s unique monitoring challenges.


Built from day one to handle the outsized volume of monitoring data produced by cloud-native applications.


Offered as a single centralized service for business owners, application developers and infrastructure engineers to debug issues throughout the stack.


Tailored for each use case from sub-second data for continuous deployments to one hour data for capacity planning.

Leverage the open standards of the cloud-native ecosystem.


One-click deployment with support for Prometheus and StatsD ingestion protocols.


Storage and index for both Prometheus and Graphite data types in the same solution.


Embedded Grafana compatible dashboards with full support for PromQL and Graphite.


Dependable alerting engine with integration for PagerDuty, Slack, OpsGenie and webhooks.

Proven at Scale.

Chronosphere’s underlying metrics engine M3 powers monitoring at Uber, Walmart, Databricks and FedEx.

Scale seamlessly

Ingest and query billions of metric data points per second.

Respond instantly

Trigger alerts, pull up dashboards and detect issues within a second.

Trust consistently

Keep three consistent copies of your data across failure domains.

Built by the creators of M3.


The Chronosphere team has unparalleled experience building, testing and managing cloud-native monitoring at cloud scale.


The team takes time to understand each customer’s unique monitoring needs to ensure the product is configured accordingly.

Get control over monitoring.

No more overages.

Cost governance

Set limits on monitoring spend for each specific team and use case.

Data policies

Customize aggregation, retention and granularity settings based on priorities and budget.

Increased efficiency

Improve overall cost efficiency by 10x compared to existing monitoring offerings.

No security surprises.

Granular access controls

Set fine grain access policies for everything, from dashboards and alerts to the underlying monitoring data.

Permission to explore

Explore data across the entire stack without risking cross-team interference.

Dedicated resources

No shared resources across customers, preventing noisy neighbor problems and mitigating security risks.


Scalable, reliable and customizable monitoring-as-a-service purpose built for cloud-native applications.