AWS re:Invent 2023: Cost efficiency and supporting developers  

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At this year’s AWS re:Invent took place in Las Vegas, Chronosphere enjoyed conversations around observability and revealed a special announcement.

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Sophie Kohler | Copywriter

Sophie Kohler is part of the content team at Chronosphere where she writes blogs as well as creates videos and other educational content for a business-to-business audience.


At last week’s AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas was buzzing with activity. The Chronosphere team had an exciting few days onsite alongside over 52,000 attendees. We enjoyed stellar sessions, conversations at the booth, and revealed a very special announcement on how we’re taking our partnership with AWS one step further.

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Attendees can always expect a vibrant show from AWS re:Invent, but this year really dazzled the crowd. The Venetian Expo never disappoints, and we could feel the energy as the show floor overflowed with enticing booths, cloud enthusiasts, and AWS’ iconic purple!

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AWS partners front and center

If there’s anything that tells you AWS partners are important to customer success, it’s when seats are full at a re:Invent partner keynote! We’re all ears when it comes to everything AWS has to say about partners and alliances, especially because we announced our expanded AWS partnership, with our acceptance into the ISV Accelerate Program, at the event.

On that note, one re:Invent session that really hit home was a talk delivered by Vice President of AWS Worldwide Channels and Alliances, Ruba Borno. Borno’s keynote was all about how AWS and its partners break new ground in helping modern organizations reach new heights with both customer expectations and innovations.

Take a look at the full live-stream along with other popular talks from the show here.

Expanding our partnership with AWS

A week out from re:Invent, and we are still buzzing about being accepted into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program. This move demonstrates to customers the deep level of partnership between Chronosphere and AWS.

Given the rigorous process and evaluation criteria to be accepted to the program, it puts Chronosphere in the company of many other industry-leading SaaS providers who have deep ties to AWS. Our partnership will continue to expand, along with our integration into EventBridge, and much more!

How Chronosphere and AWS help customers

In addition to these new AWS partnership milestones, Chronosphere is already providing many joint customers with a proven solution that helps them know, triage, and understand the behavior of containers and microservices on AWS. Take DoorDash as a prime example of how we are helping DevOps teams control the speed, scale, and complexity that emerges from the technology and organizational changes of their cloud native technology stack.

“To ensure each consumer gets great service every time, we partnered with Chronosphere to modernize our telemetry while improving visibility, performance and reliability of applications and containerized infrastructure running on AWS. Since moving to Chronosphere, 90% of DoorDash engineers have adopted the platform and we’ve reduced our observability data volumes by 54% – leading to a cost savings of more than $40M over 3 years.”

Ryan Sokol, VP of Engineering
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Chronosphere’s week at re:Invent

he Chronosphere team was pleased to hear a lot of chatter on the show floor around the importance of adaptability and empowering developers with future-proof tools built to navigate a cloud native world (enter observability!)

And now that we’ve touched on a few of our highlights from the show, let’s dive into what Chronosphere was up to last week.

See It. Find It. Fix It. Faster: Swag galore

This year, we brought out all the stops with our fully-programmable replica CyberPunk helmet (lucky winner announced soon!) glittery suits, stickers and show stopping socks. It was a hit, to say the least.

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Check out the Chronosphere team channeling their inner Daft Punk with our custom helmet!

Conversations at the booth

It’s safe to say there was no shortage of conversation over at the Chronosphere booth. Folks from all across the map (in terms of geography and industry) made their way over to our booth chat about observability trends, take part in our passport program, and learn how Chronosphere has helped organizations of varying sizes reduce critical incidents, improve dashboard load times, and save up to 90% on observability cost.

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Learn more about Chronosphere’s solution today

Whether you’re far into your cloud native journey or just starting to dip your toes into open source and observability, take a peek at how Chronosphere partners with AWS to help customers extract true value and support engineers on every day tasks. See Chronosphere’s solution for yourself in this on-demand demo.

As always, it’s been a pleasure joining in on AWS re:Invent. Until next time!

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