All of this is meaningless, however, if it doesn’t have real positive impacts on customers. Snap Inc. is a long-time user of Google Cloud, and in the last year, expanded its relationship by investing in more Google Cloud technologies.

While Snap had an in-house open source observability tool in place, it wasn’t meeting their needs. Engineers were frequently spending a lot of their bandwidth in their existing observability solution and weren’t meeting their cost management standards. With Chronosphere, they have the desired high availability with Chronosphere’s 99.9% SLA, greatly improving performance and cost optimization with data controls of retention.

“As a customer of both Google Cloud Platform and Chronosphere, we’re encouraged to see these two cloud native experts working together,” said Kamran Tirdad, Head of Application Infrastructure at Snap. “Before we started working with Chronosphere, our observability solution was eating up our engineers’ time and budget, but moving to a cloud native observability solution on top of the renowned Google Cloud platform has brought us efficient and consistent understanding into a world-class infrastructure for unparalleled performance as we evolve and scale.”

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