This past month, Chronosphere joined Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP) as a solution integrated with Google Cloud. Now, customers can transact through the marketplace toolbox. 

What is Google Cloud Marketplace?

Google Cloud Marketplace is a service that lets you deploy functional software packages that all run on Google Cloud. 

With GCP Marketplace, you can simplify your procurement process with tools like online discovery, flexible purchasing and the fulfillment of enterprise-grade cloud solutions.

Essentially, it’s a streamlined procurement process that allows customers to view and select solutions like Chronosphere, in just a few clicks – alongside real-time visibility into usage. 

Why does this matter? 

As cloud native adoption has skyrocketed, so have there been an influx of solutions in the observability space. The observability solutions that worked in monolithic and hybrid setups were not designed to handle workflows like microservices and Kubernetes at scale. 

With Chronosphere available in the GCP Marketplace, you can still work directly with Chronosphere to use our service but can ditch unnecessary steps with a second procurement process, and work through pricing and purchasing directly within the GCP marketplace. 

Curious to learn more? Check us out on the Google Cloud Marketplace here