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At Chronosphere, we value our culture. Which is why we’re delighted to be recognized for our culture by two key employee satisfaction platforms.

Gabriela Serret-Campos | Global Head of People & Talent | Chronosphere

Gabriela directs Global Talent and People Operations at Chronosphere, marrying people strategy with business goals to drive impactful outcomes. As SVP of People Operations at Drizly, her leadership was pivotal in the company’s exponential growth and strategic navigation through the pandemic, culminating in a successful $1.2B acquisition. Gabriela’s influence also permeates her board and advisory roles, notably with the People Ops Society, where she champions workplace culture evolution and the advancement of women in leadership. Beyond work, Gabriela loves to explore Boston’s culinary and bar scene, enjoy live music, and travel with her two remarkable children.


At Chronosphere, we value the culture we share as much as the code we ship. Which is why we’re delighted to be recognized for our culture by two key employee satisfaction platforms.

Comparably’s Best Company Perks and Benefits

Comparably is unique in that it doesn’t allow companies to self-nominate for its annual awards. Instead, winners are determined based on feedback by those who know a company best – its employees.

And after Comparably evaluated the tech industry across sixteen core culture metrics, we’re honored to have been recognized in their Best Perks and Benefits category. Comparably specifically cited our global offerings in Family Forming, Wellbeing, and Gender Affirmation spending accounts, as well as better disability coverage and offering HSA contributions in the US.

But there‘s more to perks than just benefits. It’s why Chronosphere offers flexible time off, development, parental leave, access to professional coaching, and free lunches.  And, most important, an inclusive culture that comes together to share in our collective success — things like our company-wide getaway to Puerto Rico for Chronosphere’s third birthday.

Otta’s Rocket List 2022

Otta is a job search platform that pairs candidates with relevant tech roles. For their annual Rocket List, Otta evaluated over 7,000 tech companies, and picked 100 based on three criteria: impressive fundraising, disruptive missions, and exploding headcounts. 

Chronosphere’s inclusion on this list is not only an affirmation that our product is redefining cloud observability, but that our people are receiving the upward mobility they deserve for their dedication toward making Chronosphere what it is today.

Looking ahead.

For some companies, this type of recognition can be a navel-gazing exercise to stop and admire what they’ve done. For us at Chronosphere, we view these two awards as a testament to the culture that we’ve built — but also to the momentum we’re building. Because we’re just getting started.

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