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Control Log Costs and Complexity

Logs are a critical part of troubleshooting. Developers need logs to help resolve issues and manage application workflow. But the sheer amount of log data created is expensive and hard to dissect. Existing log routing and management approaches don’t help reduce complexity or storage costs.

Chronosphere’s log solutions help customers significantly reduce log volumes, simplify their log operations, and gain greater control over their log data. And all that leads to lower costs and happier, more efficient, developers.

Diagram showing an observability platform's workflow with data collection, control plane for data analysis and complexity management, storage, UI, and telemetry pipeline for data transformation and routing to third-party solutions.
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"By 2026, 40% of log telemetry will be processed through a telemetry pipeline product, an increase from less than 10% in 2022."

Telemetry Pipeline

Simplify and streamline the collection, transformation and routing of all logs, from any source to any destination. Continuing with Calyptia’s commitment to open standards and connections, you can route to any observability, object storage, log analytics, or SIEM back end.

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A screenshot of a logs explorer interface displaying a variety of log entries and structured logs data on a dark background.

Logs in the Observability Platform

As part of the highly scalable and performant logging solution, gain control over what log data is maintained for targeted insights. Transform log data in flight, before routing to either Chronosphere or a cloud object store, to reduce data volumes which saves time and money.


Logs: Love 'em, don't leave em

Thursday, June 20, 2024 | 10:00 AM PST

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