Chronosphere Tackles Log Data Management Costs & Complexity with Launch of Telemetry Pipeline and Observability Log Controls

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Chronosphere relaunches Calyptia acquisition as Telemetry Pipeline with continued commitment to Fluent Bit open source technology and community

June 10, 2024; Portland, OR, MONITORAMA:

The top log data challenge facing organizations today is getting useful insights from exploding log data volumes that are expected to grow by more than 250% in the next year¹. Chronosphere, the observability platform built for control, today announced new log data control capabilities that reduce log data volumes and costs by up to 30%, while streamlining log data processing. Six months after the acquisition of Calyptia, Chronopshere is relaunching the Fluent Bit-based solution as Telemetry Pipeline. In addition, the company is adding greater control of log data volumes and routing as part of the logging solution in its Observability Platform.

Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline is 20x more resource efficient than the top competitor, according to a side-by-side comparison². Customers save money by transforming and reducing log data before it’s routed and stored. Continuing with Calyptia’s commitment to open standards and connections, customers can route data from any source to any observability, object storage, log streams, or SIEM (Security information and event management) back end. The Kubernetes-native solution also simplifies the management of log pipelines with out of box automation capabilities, such as automatic load balancing, automatic healing, and one-click scaling.

“Engaging with Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline (formerly known as Calyptia) enabled us to significantly reduce our complexity and project timelines. This allowed us to onboard more data sources, compare multiple SIEM backends, and reduce complexity as we performed transformations and reductions,“ said Michael Shubaly, Senior Security Operations Specialist at BlackBerry LTD, a leading cybersecurity company that helps organizations secure the Internet of Things (IoT).

Log data management is already a part of Chronosphere’s highly-scalable and comprehensive Observability Platform, which also manages Metrics, Traces, and Events. With this launch, Logs are now fully integrated into the Observability Control Plane, which allows customers to transform data into its most useful form while removing less valuable data. Plus, customers can now transform log data in flight, before routing to either Chronosphere or a cloud object store. The net effect reduces data volumes and optimizes costs since customers only pay for the data they keep.

“With the rapid growth of log data, organizations are struggling to balance observability and security needs with the pressure to cut costs and reduce the sheer volume,” said Chronosphere Global Head of Product and Design Jeff Cobb. “This is what we are focused on with Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline and the new Logs control capabilities, which automatically transform, enhance, and route logs in an efficient and affordable way.”

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About Chronosphere

Chronosphere is the observability solution built for control. With Chronosphere, customers cut through telemetry noise, focus on the data and insights that matter, and remediate faster. Our observability platform reduces data volumes and costs by up to 60% while saving developers thousands of hours. Our Fluent Bit-based telemetry pipeline collects, transforms, and routes data from any source to any destination, freeing customers from lock-in and helping developers quickly resolve issues. Chronosphere is trusted by the world’s most innovative brands, including Snap, Robinhood, DoorDash, and Zillow. For more information, visit or follow Chronosphere on LinkedIn and Twitter

¹ Blind survey of 127 developers and engineers working at US-based companies with more than 250 employees, conducted by Survey Monkey Panels, May 2024.
² Side-by-side sizing exercise conducted by a major airline in evaluating observability solutions.

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