Chronosphere Lens, Change Event Tracking Launched to Enhance Developer Productivity

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CHICAGO, Nov. 7, 2023–Chronosphere, the leading cloud native observability platform, today announced the availability of Chronosphere Lens, a new way to interact with metrics, traces, and events in a single, automatically generated, service-oriented view. The company also announced Change Event Tracking and other features that empower developers with additional context and clarity. Collectively, these features are designed to help bring observability data into focus.

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, cloud native environments are becoming the norm for businesses. These environments offer numerous advantages, from scalability to flexibility, but they can also force engineers to wade through multiple, disparate systems to understand “what’s changed” during an incident. The prevailing DevOps ethos of “you build it, you run it” makes it even harder for developers to achieve a single source of truth, leaving them saddled with a patchwork of ops-centric tools. This leads companies to rely on the institutional knowledge of a few skilled developers, creating bottlenecks and single points of failure in the troubleshooting process. In the long run, this situation exacerbates burnout and critical engineering team members spend time firefighting, not building services, reducing tech debt or delivering business value.

To address these challenges, Chronosphere has expanded its cloud native observability platform to introduce Chronosphere Lens and additional features like Change Event Tracking.

Chronosphere Lens brings familiar service-oriented observability principles to the cloud native era. Its main goal is to speak the language of developers, who today must keep track of not just how their system is architected and operated, but also how to use the observability tools that measure performance and reliability.

    • By automatically generating and maintaining service-oriented views based on real-time cloud native telemetry streams, Chronosphere Lens offers a single, up-to-date, and consistent perspective of system health.

    • The unified approach and seamless correlation of metrics, traces and events allows teams to pinpoint and resolve issues more efficiently, eliminating the cognitive dissonance often experienced with traditional tools, and ultimately reducing downtime and operational overhead.

    • With less setup hassle, Chronosphere Lens enables engineering teams to focus more on what truly matters—building innovative, revenue-generating features that address customer needs.

Change Event Tracking is a unique set of features within Chronosphere that gives developers instant insight into what changes introduced problems across their infrastructure, applications or business, via integrations with various DevOps and PaaS tools.

    • Unlike other observability solutions that might provide scattered insights or lack real-time correlation between changes and system anomalies, Chronosphere centralizes and correlates this information in the context of metrics and traces, offering a cohesive view and actionable information.

    • Improved context around changes and anomalies directly contributes to faster problem-solving and improved developer productivity, freeing up resources for more innovative tasks.

“Chronosphere Lens simplifies observability for developers and ultimately helps engineering teams save time and reduce costs,” said Martin Mao, CEO and Founder, Chronosphere. “On top of building tools that are faster, more reliable, and more scalable, we also want to reduce operational complexity for our customers. Saving end users time, effort, and cognitive overhead is just as important to us as serving faster queries and providing industry-leading uptime.”

“Chronosphere’s new Change Event tracking capability ultimately helps us deliver the best possible patient experience at scale,” said Jack Pierce, Senior Engineer at Dandy.” The new capabilities have provided a leap in operational efficiency. Now our developers can quickly identify recent changes and correlate them with system behavior, significantly improving incident response times and making long standing issues easier to debug.”

For more information about Chronosphere Lens, Event Tracking, and other announcements from KubeCon 2023, read more on the Chronosphere blog:

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Chronosphere is the only cloud native observability solution that helps teams quickly resolve incidents before they impact the customer experience and the bottom line. Trusted by the world’s most innovative brands, including DoorDash, Snap, and Zillow, Chronosphere helps teams reign in costs, improve developer productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.

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