Chronosphere Unveils Logs, Powered by CrowdStrike

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Chronosphere embeds CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale into its observability platform for industry leading data ingestion and search capabilities; Announces investment from CrowdStrike Falcon Fund

Chronosphere today announced the availability of Logs, powered by CrowdStrike—embedding CrowdStrike® Falcon LogScale™ within Chronosphere’s leading cloud native observability platform. Available to all new and existing Chronosphere customers, Logs, powered by CrowdStrike, enables teams to deliver data ingestion at scale and conduct blazing fast search across petabytes of data.

“This partnership with CrowdStrike delivers huge net benefits for our customers, adding logging capabilities to the Chronosphere experience,” said Martin Mao, CEO and Founder, Chronosphere. “With Logs powered by CrowdStrike, teams can add even more detailed context to help them remediate and root cause their issues.”

As part of a complete observability platform, Logs, powered by CrowdStrike, enables organizations to traverse the full troubleshooting workflow—from metrics, events and traces, to logs—as part of a best-in-class observability solution. Customers can efficiently store data for months or years, perform searches, and correlate metrics, logs, traces, and events, while still reducing cost associated with legacy solutions. This enables quicker and more decisive actions, reduces customer-facing incidents, and accelerates release velocity, ultimately resulting in better business outcomes.

Chronosphere also announced an investment by CrowdStrike, via its strategic investment vehicle, the CrowdStrike Falcon Fund. The Falcon Fund is designed to build an ecosystem of next-generation technology leaders that share a common mission through a unique combination of investment and deep technical integrations with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, giving CrowdStrike customers access to cutting-edge third-party capabilities.

“The mandate of the Falcon Fund is to form deep partnerships with the most innovative companies in cyber and infrastructure software. We are proud to partner closely with Chronosphere, an observability innovation leader,” said Michael Sentonas, president at CrowdStrike. “With the addition of Logs, powered by CrowdStrike, Chronosphere’s cloud-native observability platform enables customers to effectively manage their infrastructure end to end without trade-offs between data collection, storage and cost.”

“As a customer of both CrowdStrike and Chronosphere I’m excited to see these companies partnering closely,” said Yash Kumaraswamy, Senior Staff Engineer, Robinhood. “Chronosphere’s control plane already manages the costs and scale of most kinds of telemetry data. Leveraging CrowdStrike’s technology for a scalable and performant logging solution is a natural fit.”

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