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Advance Your Observability Strategy with a Customized Session

Are you at a critical juncture in your cloud-native observability journey, where it is affecting your business value, developer efficiency, profitability, and innovation? The proliferation of disparate data, tools, and other factors can create a whirlwind of challenges, making clarity difficult to achieve.

Join Our Workshop to Elevate Your Observability Practices

We designed this workshop to help organizations understand their maturity level regarding best-in-class observability practices. Spend two hours with our experts to assess your current state of observability, define OKRs, identify gaps, determine required capabilities, and receive a tailored roadmap to address these challenges.

What the Workshop Entails:

  1. Introductory Presentation on Enterprise Observability:
    • Background and context
    • Business challenges
    • Impact on the organization
  2. Working Session:
    • Review of your business initiatives and challenges
    • Assessment of your current state against the enterprise observability capability model
  3. Delivery of a Detailed Report:
    • Findings and recommendations
    • Post-meeting sync to discuss the report and next steps

This comprehensive workshop aims to provide you with a clear understanding of your observability maturity and a strategic path forward to enhance your practices for greater business impact.

About Us

Chronosphere is the only cloud-native observability solution that helps teams quickly resolve incidents before they impact the customer experience and the bottom line. Trusted by the world’s most innovative brands, including DoorDash, Snap, and Zillow, Chronosphere helps teams reign in costs, improve developer productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.

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