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AWS Summit 2023: Chronosphere is here!

Chronosphere has touched down as an AWS partner at this year’s AWS Summit in New York City. We’re excited to be in the Big Apple this week (I’ll take a bacon, egg, and cheese, please!) where summer is in the air, cloud practitioners from across the globe have gathered, and a day of learning, networking, and collaboration about all things AWS lies ahead.

Let’s dive into some examples of how Chronosphere helps AWS customers every day, and why you should stop by our chocolatey booth this year.  

How Chronosphere alleviates cloud native observability challenges for AWS customers

Chronosphere is an AWS technology partner that offers the most cost-effective observability platform for customers running containers and serverless (think ECS, EKS, Lambda, etc.) in the AWS cloud. Chronosphere’s observability platform equips you with the solution you need to ensure the overall health of your applications and infrastructure running on AWS. Leverage Chronosphere + AWS CloudWatch metrics to gain full visibility into your cloud native environment from infrastructure to applications.

While this is our first time at AWS Summit, for years we’ve helped AWS customers of all different sizes defeat their cloud native observability challenges. Together, Chronosphere and AWS arm customers with a proven solution to help them deliver reliable, performant, and highly available solutions on cloud native architectures. We help our joint customers like Robinhood, DoorDash, Affirm, Aurora, Zillow, and Abnormal Security control costs and improve developer productivity. 

For example, before partnering with Chronosphere, AI-based email security platform Abnormal Security’s homegrown Prometheus + Grafana monitoring solution had reached its limits: the company’s 10-12 million active metrics were on pace to soar to 50 million, and constant outages plagued the infrastructure team. As much as 80%-95% of metrics came from real-time services deployed via Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS). Also, the Prometheus instance itself ran on Amazon EC2 r5.24xlarges with 768 GiB of memory, one of the most expensive and memory-intensive instance types. Prometheus uses vertical vs. horizontal scaling, which meant Prometheus wasn’t highly available. Any disruption with the EC2 instance caused multiple downstream issues.

Abnormal’s move to Chronosphere allowed the company to reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) by at least 80%, and secure faster dashboard loading by 8-10x. Even better, Abnormal has saved millions of dollars with Chronosphere which they estimate is 10x more cost-effective than alternative SaaS and self-managed options.

Here’s what to expect from Chronosphere at the event:

Who will win the hundred dollar Tim Tam Slam Challenge? 

Because Chronosphere was co-founded by Martin Mao (CEO) and Rob Skillington (CTO), two proud Aussies from the Land Down Under, on Australia Day we like to celebrate the company’s roots with our annual Tim Tam Slam. Never heard of it? It involves a Tim Tam chocolate wafer cookie, a beverage, and a zeal for competition. 

This year, we’re challenging you to try out your Tim Tam Slam skills for a chance to win $100 (and find out how to improve your MTTR while you’re there). You can stop by our Booth #1019 to take part. 

Watch Martin and Rob go head-to-head in the Tim Tam Slam!

Book a demo and enter the raffle for The Mighty Bowser Lego Set

Stop by the Expo Floor Booth #1019 to talk about ways your team can help exceed customer expectations, and improve developer productivity with over 14,000 hours saved per year. If you book a demo, walk away with a free observability shirt. 

Oh, and make sure you enter the raffle at our booth, for a chance to win The Mighty Bowser Lego Set. 

Check out what else Chronosphere will be up to at the event here. 

Join us at The Press Room

We are joining forces with CloudZero to host the hottest party of the evening at the breathtaking Press Lounge rooftop on top of the Ink48 hotel. You can expect plenty of food and beverages, a panoramic view of the city, and a live band. Be sure to register, as we expect this one to hit capacity! 

What to check out while you’re in the Big Apple 

Whether you’re visiting New York City from out of town or you’re a local, I put together some of my favorite recommendations on what’s worth seeing (and tasting) in your free time.

Some spots are walking distance from the Javits Center, while others are just a subway ride away. 

Stuff to eat 

  • Kahlo Restaurant – modern Mexican dishes a short walk from the venue 
  • Monte’s Trattoria – vintage, authentic Italian restaurant
  • Chelsea Market  – eat your way through the iconic indoor food hall 
  • 12 Chairs Cafe – laid back and celebratory Middle Eastern cuisine
  • Maman – French bakery and coffee house that serves family inspired recipes
  • Wild – farm-house eatery that is both allergy and dietary restriction friendly
  • Sushi Azabu (Tribeca) – underground sushi restaurant 

Stuff to drink 

Stuff to do 

  • The High Line  – elevated linear park and greenway near the venue
  • Pickleball in Central Park – check out the pickleball courts in Central Park
  • Domino Park – sunbathe along the East River, or play some volleyball at this green space
  • Little Island –  experience nature and art in this island park near the venue
  • The Met – indulge in fine art at the Met, where there’s an exhibition on Van Gogh
  • Free summer movies – find a free summer movie to watch at a local park 
  • Strand Books – this iconic bookstore offers every book you’ve ever wanted to read, and more
A group of people sitting in chairs at the AWS Summit 2023 conference.