Chronosphere Control Plane

Analyze and shape your observability data to control costs and deliver more business value

Observability is one of the most expensive items in your budget. Its cost is out of balance with the value it delivers. Stop making trade-offs that reduce visibility and increases risk.  

Chronosphere allows you to get your observability data growth under control and helps you transform your existing observability tools and practice from a cost-center to a source of competitive advantage.

Average Chronosphere Customer:

How It Works

The Control Plane helps you reduce observability data volume, and cost, to improve performance and deliver more business value. It’s built upon a framework required for success that we developed over our four years of working with leading cloud native companies. We call it the Observability Data Optimization Cycle.

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Key Benefits

Reduce observability data volumes by 60% or more

  • Using shaping policies, the average Chronosphere customer uses the Control Plane to reduce their data by 60% while improving outcomes. 
  • Easily identify and eliminate data that isn’t used and doesn’t deliver value.

Keep cost predictable and manageable, even as you scale

  • Eliminate unexpected overages and contain cardinality spikes by assigning quotas by team or service.
  • Empower teams to manage their own data with insights to the value of their data and the tools necessary to optimize it.

Reduce time spent troubleshooting by 50%

  • With data continuously optimized, engineers can find the data they need to solve problems faster. 
  • Amplify underutilized high-value data to ensure the entire organization has access to it.


Centralized Governance

Allocate priorities and drive accountability to contain cardinality and control long term data growth

Protect against cardinality spikes and budget overruns

Quotas ensure each team/service uses their fair share. Teams can prioritize their metrics based on the value they deliver. Chronosphere provides the insights and tools to help teams make smart decisions about how to optimize their data to control growth.


Analyze your data to understand usage and value

Analyze Incoming data in real-time

Identify high cardinality metrics
The Traffic Analyzer allows you to see, in real-time, incoming metrics grouped by label, and their relative frequency. See which metrics have the highest ingest rate and the cardinality of the associated label to understand how they contribute to cost.

Understand the value of all the data in your system

Know what is useful and what is waste

The Usage Analyzer provides insights into the cost vs. utility of each metric in your system.

A utility score is calculated for each metric and shows you where it is used, how often it is used, and by whom, to help you make better shaping decisions.


Shape & transform data to control costs and improve performance

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Control cost by optimizing data sets

Apply shaping policies to eliminate waste and optimize data based on need, context, and utility.

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Shape data dynamically

Implement and adjust shaping policies on the fly – No code changes or application redeployment needed.

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Amplify useful data

Use Derived Metrics to store complex, high-value queries that everyone can use without adding to cost.


Continuously optimize for efficiency to ensures dashboards, alerts and queries are are fast and deliver the information your developers and engineers need

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Platform generated optimization opportunities

Identified opportunities to further optimize cost and performance for you to consider.

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Always fast dashboards

Query Accelerator automatically speeds up slow dashboard queries by pre-aggregating the data.

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Queries that execute when needed

Query Scheduler ensures query resources are shared fairly so one user can’t crowd out other queries trying to execute.

Easily identify inefficient shaping policies

See how your shaping policies are configured and their impact

The Shaping Policies UI helps you quickly identify and understand the impact of your shaping rules. You can also preview the impact of a new rule before implementation.

Shaping Analyze incoming Dash
Enabling on call Dash

Enabling a better on-call experience

Visualize engineering time saved

The Query Accelerator dashboard provides an overview of the amount of time your developers and SREs saved if their dashboard queries weren’t optimized.

It also provides a comparison of average load speeds of accelerated queries vs. the original.

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“Chronosphere’s game-changing platform gives us the visibility and control to manage our observability data, especially with our unprecedented growth.”

Ryan Sokol, VP of Engineering

Do More With Chronosphere

Chronosphere allows you to move observability from a cost center to a source of competitive advantage.

Leveraging a dedicated customer success team, Chronosphere will help you on Day 1 and moving forward to:

Day 1

Align your observability costs to the value it delivers:

  • Reduce your observability data volumes by 48%, on average
  • Remediate issues faster – Engineers spend 50% less time troubleshooting, on average
  • Optimized performance of dashboards and alerts

Day 2+

With data and costs under control, you are free to do more:

  • Expand visibility and coverage
  • Increase use of custom metrics to build meaningful software that delights customers
  • Use data-driven insights to optimize the value your observability data delivers

Benefits By Role

Platform Engineering Leader

  • Cut operational costs
  • Eliminate surprise overages & tough conversations with the CFO
  • Improve engineering productivity & satisfaction

SRE/Observability Leader

  • Gain visibility into expensive services
  • Delegate ownership of usage & budget to decentralized teams
  • Stop having partial coverage due to high cost


  • Stop wasting time on metrics reduction projects
  • Instrument with confidence and without cost restrictions
  • Better on-call experience
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See the Control Plane in Action

See how our Control Plane can reduce observability volume, lowers costs, and improve performance to deliver more business value.

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