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Read up on some highlights from this year’s event, the latest news on telemetry pipelines and what Chronosphere was up to at our booth! 

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Sophie Kohler Content Writer | Chronosphere

Just like that, we wave farewell to this year’s Monitorama! This annual event  typically attracts hundreds of participants, and this year was no exception. Held in the eclectic city of Portland, Oregon, this year’s event yet again showcased its ability to foster innovation in the monitoring and observability world. 

Geared towards developers, the conference featured a busy schedule full of single-track sessions, lightning talks, and conversations on the latest industry developments. From insightful conversations about real-world observability use cases, to log management and observability theories, read up on some highlights from this year’s event, the latest news about telemetry pipelines, and what Chronosphere was up to at our booth! 

Log management is king

Our Developer Advocate, Paige Cruz, was on the show floor and recognized log management as one of the major themes at this year’s event. Attendees gained insight from various sessions on the importance of logs, and how the telemetry type offers key information about the behavior of our systems.

Successfully managing your log data is key, and while proper logging can help provide valuable context during troubleshooting, lengthy logs may feel more like noise than actual information. One  session titled “Logs are good, actually” underscored the need for log data to evolve, so that teams can truly reap its benefits. By successfully evolving your log data, engineers can better support the triage process, while cutting down on costs. We heard lots of chatter (on and off the show floor) around the power of logs – they deserve some love, too!

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Nobl9's Alex Hidalgo presenting "Logs Are Good, Actually."

Live, Laugh, Logs

Later in the day, Chronosphere’s Developer Advocate, Paige Cruz presented her talk, “Live, Laugh, Logs” to a full room of nearly 300 attendees. During the hour, Paige explored the deluge of data that many teams are bogged down by, and how we can pay more attention to managing those large volumes of log data to save precious engineering time (while cutting costs). 

“We’re talking about a lot of data here. Gartner estimates the average enterprise produces more than 10 terabytes of logs a day with many hitting 100 terabytes of logs a day. That’s nuts!” – Paige Cruz, Developer Advocate

You can learn more about effectively managing logs at scale in this episode of Chronologues

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Chronosphere's Paige Cruz presenting her talk, "Live, Laugh Logs."

Announcements ‘Galore: Chronosphere unveils newest logging solution

In Chronosphere fashion, this year we brought more exciting announcements to the table: the new Chronosphere Telemetry Pipeline product from the creators of Fluent Bit and Calyptia, alongside a control feature built into Chronosphere Logs

We were excited to chat with attendees about how these additions help customers significantly reduce log volumes, simplify their log operations, and gain greater overall control over their observability data.

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This image showcases Chronosphere's Telemetry Pipeline.

Observability tools: What should we expect?

Another major theme at this year’s event was around observability expectations – specifically what teams should (and shouldn’t!) expect from their observability tools. 

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The observability data lake

The team at Netflix held a very informative session about how they’ve navigated the ever-apparent data lake that cloud native has brought modern organizations. 

Bringing on new workloads, like Netflix mentioned they have over the past year with additional products, inevitably prompts teams to consider adapting their current observability system to accommodate. But, knowing your business goals and direction is key to knowing what your requirements should be for an observability tool. 


Theorizing observability

A session that we thought paired well with adapting the right observability tool, was Dan Simmon’s “No Observability Without Theory.” The audience was engaged as Simmons explored the importance of having a coherent observability theory. He notes that a successful observability strategy requires more than just data,  but an observability theory where signals can efficiently be interpreted and made useful.

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What went down at the Chronosphere booth

The team was busy last week, showcasing all the newest features of Chronosphere – from logs control to pipeline! 

Attendees were intrigued to hear about the Telemetry Pipeline, and how engineers can easily route their data from any source to any destination.

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What went down in the swag world

Helping attendees kickoff summer and warm weather, we kept the logs theme going, and gave away Solo Firepits, and a delicious s’more skit to attendees! 

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Whiskey tasting with the founders

On Tuesday, our founders hosted our Annual Whiskey Tasting to a packed house at the Multnomah Whiskey Library. We enjoyed great conversations, yummy libations, and lots of laughter as we talked about observability insights and industry highlights – with some friendly faces, and a lot of new ones too!

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All in all, this year’s event was nothing short of a success. Monitorama is a staple conference that kickstarts deep connections, insightful conversations and especially innovation in the ever-evolving observability and monitoring world. Until next year, Portland! 

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